Month-End Mayhem

Taking on Oakland

The Comedy Shop’s monthly even, Month-End Mayhem is everything you know and love about the Comedy Shop, slammed into a single night at Radio in Oakland. Find it at 435 13th Street in downtown Oakland, right off the Bart line at 12th Street City Center.
The Red Lights are on all night at Month-End Mayhem Premiering February 26th featuring:
Natasha Muse – Winner, Battle of the Bay Comedy Competition!
Trenton Davis
Joe Gorman
Chris Remmers
Sammy Obeid
Pete Munoz
Peter Kim
Kelly Anneken
Brian Allen
Plus musicians Shareef Ali Elfiki & Tom Argus

Music, Standup Comedy, video sketches, and much, much more, all at Oakland’s reasonably priced, centrally located, beautiful dive, Radio. Swing on by, grab a drink… hell, grab seven. We’ll be bringing the funny all night long, and when that ends, the music keeps spinning until the place shuts down.

Stay tuned to our facebook page or our Twitter feedfor more info.


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